Try HyperWeek for one month

  • How do I start a trial ?

    In order to create a free trial account, we will ask you to provide a network name, company name and valid email address. You will then receive an activation email and instructions on how to connect the network, invite people, create groups and share content. No credit card information is required to start a trial.

  • What happens next ?

    From the moment your free trial account is activated, you will have 30 days to discover and use HyperWeek. If you have an official referer (authorized partner ID), you will have automatically a one-month extension. Tutorials, accessible from within the application, will help you to get the most out of our social platform during your trial.

  • What happens at the end of the trial ?

    We will email you before your trial expires to set up a call to discuss your requirements and the options available to you. If you are not interested to go further at that time, your trial account will expire after 15 days and the data will be archived.

  • Which pricing for a private network ?

    1. CHF 5.- per user per month - Volume discount available
    2. Minimum 250.- per month
    3. 50% discount for Nonprofit & Education

    4. For a public network, pricing is CHF 5.- per user per semester.
  • Can I set my network as public, connect with other services, etc ?

    As you might have seen on our portfolio, our platform can be customized for public-facing networks. Please contact us with any customization-related questions at

  • Does the trial include all features ?

    Yes, the trial includes all key features with no limitations, including full administration access !

    During the trial period, your network will be private and invite-only. That means that only authorized people are able to enter the network. People can request an invitation though. You will master it.

  • Why choose HyperWeek ?

    Social Enterprise

    Put all the benefits of a social engine at the core of your company: connect your colleages, improve communications and increase productivity across your departments.

    Social Business

    Create a branded community, and turns consumers and partners into loyal brand ambassadors, by quickly reacting to issues and suggestions, and giving them direct access to your company’s key employees and decision makers.

    Product overview here

  • How do I get support during the trial ?

    During your trial, you can contact us for support at or call our team: (CH - CET) +41 22 321 70 82 to discuss your business needs. You will also have access to Manager Guidelines, User FAQ and Online ticketing.

Need more information before trying it out ?

Contact our sales team.

+41 22 321 70 82