European Django conference: first public release of our crossplatform mobile version

This year, the European Django conference has a hw network to prepare the sprints, share practical informations and connect attendees (including us) during and after the event.We hope we will find there our next employee and by the way the live event is available till wednesday.

We are proud to launch our new touch-optimized version in this context here 

Here are some snapshots to see the released features, including public feed, dashboard, view and conversations upon all activities (photo, video, status with attachment, article, audio file). We will add Search and Signup the soonest as possible. This version will be released smoothly on all our networks running on version 2.3, that should be announced next week. Straight-forward, isn’t it ? And compatible iOS, Android, Blackberry 6 and Windowsphone 7 (More on supported platforms).

hyperweek public stream

hyperweek dashboard


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