European Django conference: first public release of our crossplatform mobile version

This year, the European Django conference has a hw network to prepare the sprints, share practical informations and connect attendees (including us) during and after the event.We hope we will find there our next employee and by the way the live event is available till wednesday.

We are proud to launch our new touch-optimized version in this context here 

Here are some snapshots to see the released features, including public feed, dashboard, view and conversations upon all activities (photo, video, status with attachment, article, audio file). We will add Search and Signup the soonest as possible. This version will be released smoothly on all our networks running on version 2.3, that should be announced next week. Straight-forward, isn’t it ? And compatible iOS, Android, Blackberry 6 and Windowsphone 7 (More on supported platforms).

hyperweek public stream

hyperweek dashboard


Presse: Aujourd’hui je créé mon réseau social à la carte

Article écrit par Luca Sabbatini,, 16.04.2012

Les piliers d’un réseau social digne de ce nom? «Partage, découverte, communication, repérage.» Paroles de spécialiste. En l’occurrence de Raphaël Briner, développeur basé à Genève qui a créé il y a trois ans HyperWeek (, une sorte de «Facebook à la carte», qui vient d’engranger un financement de 500 000 francs. Continue reading →

Site Reliability Engineer

The Site Reliability Engineer will help design, build and monitor our applications and systems infrastructure that currently now handles hundred of social networks.

You should have a software engineering background and a strong understanding of systems internals, and love building and running scale web production systems and application environments. You get excited about reacting to a problem to find a solution and thrive on being tactically focused to ensure Hyperweek’s social networks reliability. A few other things we look for: Continue reading →

Try HyperWeek now for free

Dear clients and friends,

We made it !

Our full featured social platform is now available with one-click install on the cloud.

The first pilots have started with success the last days, including PMEromandie, Velopass and

Try HyperWeek now for free !


The impact of HW networks

Some facts
  • Clients inviting >1000 employees
  • One of the best UI of the market
  • Unique discovery features such as channelssearch faceting & featuring are extensively used
  • New financing round of 500’000.- through Creapole & Investiere
  • Strong partnerships with local experts & community managers
  • Integrators adoption exploding
And what about you ?
Promote the url to your socialmedia champions to try HW for free !Regards.
Raphaël Briner

Clubimmo, lancement au SIL

Clubimmo, c’est parti. Premier réseau de l’immobilier romand porté par Portimmo, l’organisateur des 3 événements phares soit salon de Montreux, de Lausanne et de Genève (nouveau, dès septembre). A mi-chemin entre média et socialmédia, cette plateforme contient des nouvelles fonctionnalités de HyperWeek, soit des profils riches (expertises, régions d’activités, secteurs d’activités), un nouveau système de présentation entre membres et d’autres surprises. Ce projet répond au triangle d’or rêvé par tout organisateur: Communauté(s), contenu(s) et rencontre(s).

Pour toutes les personnes concernées par l’immobilier en Suisse romande, Clubimmo. – Share your Social Business best practices

Launched by the eloquent Claude Super, who share on his blog [] with passion and transparency the impact of social business, will sustain the regular events that he plans to organize this year, after a first success in Lausanne.

This network has two main channels: Objectives & Experiences. It’s interesting to see the first groups that belong to the Objectives channel:

  • Engagement
  • Governance
  • Innovation
  • Management
  • HR
Does that mean that Sales & Marketing are not impacted by Social Business ? No, it’s just a start and yet enough to discuss and share stuff first on those topics, which require a long observation before taking strong position ala Claude.
Save the date, the next Matinées de l’Entreprise will happen on the 20th of April in Geneva. for change-makers

The Zurich based digital agency Feinheit just launched a new network, dedicated to NGO people.  It will help them to analyse, share and learn on socialmedia.

Obviously powered by HyperWeek, the feedback is great and the conversation structured. We just received their invitation card to subscribe for the launch due to January 12th. If you think you may apply as NGO-related person, we invite you to send your request at 

Support from Creapole

Today was HyperWeek’s first day in the new office at the Creapole incubator.

While the Headquarter stays in Geneva, two developers financed by Creapole have started working. They are using Django a software framework that is designed to support the development of dynamic websites, web applications and web services. The two new specialists are developing mobile and email ingest features for the next version of HyperWeek.


Creapole Medialab building is really confortable with an amazing view on the Jura and majestic wind turbines


The place is crowded with other international startups giving opportunities to share vision on development, new tips on open-source librairies and technological stacks. We had the chance to lunch with one of the developer of Jilion Video platform and discover some cutting-edge librairies they use.