Realtime notifications & indexing, rich publishing, featuring in one click…

Mobile! On all HyperWeek networks

Since summer 2012, over 80 networks have started using this mobile version compatible with Android, iOS and every other HTML5 platform. Share updates, follow, learn and explore thanks to the integrated search engine. Available from your browser without App Store constraints. Take advantage of a free trial to test it.

For the web part, we have released 3 new versions in less than one month. Check the Bass, Bennett and Monaco versions !


2.6 — Codename Bass

• Featuring from the front-office (the Pin button, example below)

• Featuring for status updates

• New carrousel

• New access for admin section

2.5 — Codename Bennett

• Realtime indexation for search, including channels, simple tags, hashtags (ala twitter – example: a hashtag indexed in one second on velocosm ).

• Realtime notifications for invitations, comments, favs

• A new help section for your advanced search

2.4 — Codename Monaco

• Change or add your brand (logo) yourself

• Multi-upload directly in selected album(s)

• Autocomplete on tags (example below)

• Previous & Next

• Emails in your prefered language

• A new rich text editor (example below)

And 2.7 ?

Sharing reshaped, released in the next 2 weeks.

• An unified multi-uploader (inc. photo, video, audio) that works without flash !

• Photo upload on iOS 6 and Android !

How much does it cost?

Our official prices:

• Private networks (invite-only): 5.- CHF per month per user, min. 50 users

• Public networks  (free signup): 0,50.- CHF per month per user, min. 200 users

• Volume discount above 500 users

• Amazing 50% discount for non-commercial institutions (edu, ngo)

Ask for a quote

Dedicated servers ?

• Yes, we offer private clouds, on premise deployments.

• We have more than 20 IT companies that can manage your specific deployments need.

Access to sources ?

• Yes, we can provide a developer agreement and enable your dev team to make branches or forks.

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