We've built an intuitive yet complete social platform that powers engagement & participatory culture with employees, consumers and partners.

HyperWeek dashboard


  • Get to know your colleagues (or members) and their expertise
  • Follow colleagues whose activities you find interesting
  • Work efficiently by creating groups based on projects or by quickly finding and assembling colleagues with the right expertise


  • Find people, content or conversation threads quickly, and filter by type or tags
  • Categorize relevant content and interests within custom channels
  • Search existing content in your network (e.g. Sharepoint)
  • Refine your search with advanced search options


  • For editors: keep everyone in the company in the loop by featuring content throughout the site
  • Owners moderate where their content is displayed in groups
  • Control who can view content you've uploaded with private groups


  • Stream: create a news feed with activities that matter to you
  • Comment, discuss and quickly reply to your colleagues
  • Consult and get multiple answers from colleagues across the organization
  • Cut down on your emails by using private messages
  • Stay up to date with daily/weekly alerts

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  • Social Entreprise

    Put all the benefits of a social engine at the core of your company: connect your employees, improve communications and increase productivity across all departments.


    Nestlé is using HyperWeek internally to collect all marketing material that has been dispersed across communication agencies for years. TV spots are uploaded and encoded into standard output format thanks to the video uploader and content is structured using channels, groups and tags.

  • Social Business

    Create a branded community, and turns consumers and partners into loyal brand ambassadors, by quickly reacting to issues and suggestions, and giving them direct access to your company’s key employees and decision makers.

    Measure fans’ activity and interests, conduct collaborative brainstorming and get early feedback on test concepts and prototypes

    Hublotista Hublot has chosen HyperWeek to launch a private network for watches owners. Tied to the WiseKey product authentication system, the Hublotista Club allows Hublot to better know its actual customers and build a strong relationship with them.
  • Social Media

    Create a strong community of engaged users around your product or cause. Engage early adopters and heavy users in multiple ways by featuring and rewarding their contributions.

    Improve the discovery of viral and engaging content with channels and a curated hierarchy of group.

    Aviation Club HyperWeek has been selected to build the Aviation Club community, a social network that counts more than 6000 aviation professionals and fans.

They use HyperWeek

  • Montreux Jazz Festival
  • Nestlé
  • Télévision Suisse Romande
  • Touring Club Suisse
  • Peace & Sport
  • Hublot


Based in the lovely town of Geneva, HyperWeek is an independent enterprise focusing on developing a beautiful social platform, in order to give more engagement inside and outside enterprises, create obvious context and meaningful connections. Passionate about User Experience and reusable development, we embrace the latest open innovation and make it accessible for all users. Create your own network now and power your users to share real content.

Raphaël Briner Founder & CEO

Contact us to discuss how we can help you build your own social network.